Science Educational Programme

Karnataka Vijnana Vidya Jagruti (KVVJ)

KVVJ is a student-scientist direct contact science educational programme, organized for 2 days in all the 33 educational districts of the state. The objective of the program is to create interest and excitement in Science Education and Research.

Karnataka Vijnana Shibira (KVS) - State Level Student-Scientist Direct Contact Programme

This programme aims at inspiring young minds. Eminent scientists and leaders of science and technology interact with students chosen from all the districts of the state.

Initiating Karnataka Nava Vijnana Paatha Shaale (KNVPS)

KNVPS attempts to address the issue of catering the educational needs of the state in the next twenty years in terms of infrastructure capability and expertise. Keeping the paramount importance of tapping young talents from the pockets of rural Karnataka, KNVPS will be established in similar lines of Navodaya Vidyalaya schools for teaching science in rural parts of all districts in the state. The mandate of these schools is to excite, inspire rural children of Karnataka and to familiarise the strenght of Science.