Awards for Research Publications Published by Science Faculty (ARP)

This programme aims at encouraging qualitative and quantitative expansion of research papers' publication by faculty members working at Universities , Colleges and Research Institutions of the State.

Awards for Science Teachers and Science Communicators (ASTC)

This programme aims at encouraging and rewarding with state level awards to outstanding science teachers who are contributing to innovative science teaching at high schools and undergraduate level. Science communicators with exemplary contributions to Science communication are also rewarded under the programme.

Establishment of Centres of Excellence in Science, Engineering and Medicine (CESEM)

Elements of infrastructural needs to conduct "Theme Based Research" in selected Colleges, University Departments and Research Institutions will be upgraded under the scheme.

Centres of Innovative Science Education (CISE)

This programme aims at upgrading Science Laboratories in selected Colleges, University Departments and Research Institutions for improving teaching methodologies, skill development and research capability.

Seed Money to Young Scientists for Research (SMYSR)

This programme aims at promoting scientific research among the faculty members working in Colleges, Universities and Research Institutions in the state. Young and promising researchers will be encouraged by providing seed money to establish an early career in the field of research.

Subject Based Inter-University Conferences/Symposia (IUC)

This programme provides a forum to faculty members, researchers and post-graduate students of the universities in the state to discuss/exchange ideas of interest and to communicate recent trends in scientific research.

Grants for Small Science Projects in Undergraduate Colleges (SSP-UG)

This programme has an inter deciplinary approach in research work. Societal problems pertaining to Health and Hygine, Ecology & Environment, Food & Drugs, Industry & Agriculture etc., will be studied through viable projects by undergraduate science students.