About Us

VGST emphasizes for a strong foundation in the pure sciences with prudent investment to reap rich dividends in the future. For the year 2022-23, the VGST has formulated a set of 6 programmes to promote science education and research in the state.
VGST work encompasses:
  • Formulation of programs relating to advancement of Science and Technology in the state.
  • Developing state level S and T promotional modules/instruments
  • Strengthening educational institutions for imparting good quality teaching and conducting research.
  • Promotion of Science and Technology in the state
  • To ensure its effectiveness, VGST supports Science and Technology promotional programs in ten modules such as: Science Educational programs, In-service Teacher Training Programs in Science and Technology. Catalyzing Quality research in Science and Technology. Recognizing and rewarding reasearch publications. Infrastructure strengthening in higher educational institutions. Development, production and dissemination of Science and Technology communication software. Science and Technology outreach campaign. Scientific awareness programs. Creation of new institutions of Science and Technology and state summit on Science and Technology.